Your Rescued Dog and Their Housetraining

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When you bring your rescue dog home, there are likely a thousand questions going through your head. What kind of food will they like? Are they always going to be hyper? And the ultimate question: how to start training your dog.

Tips for dog owners who have a rescue dogThough rescue dogs have already begun their life elsewhere, the transition into your home should really be considered a new beginning for both you and your canine companion. That means you’re going to want to focus on starting from scratch with a few considerations about old habits to throw into the mix.

Your first step is to get as much info about your new dog as you can. Get a general census from your shelter. This includes asking about such issues as medical records, special needs, particular habits, age, and diet. Following that, it is wise to get a checkup at the vet as soon as possible to ensure that nothing was overlooked and to give you an idea of how you’ll need to care for your new canine companion.

As far as housetraining is concerned, the goal is to keep both your house and your dog safe. Your primary focus is to make sure you constantly observe them. Limit their space and don’t let them wander around. Make your dog earn the pleasure of roaming the house freely. This means that you should keep them in a controlled environment, such as a crate or a room of their own.

You’ll basically be working from scratch and have to start potty training from the very beginning, even if they are an adult or senior dog. Start by designating a specific potty area and always take them to it when the time comes. This will mean you may have to stay with them when doing so and affirm the situation with a familiar command. It will take time, but it is your priority as a dog owner to ensure their health and proper training.

Beware of previous habits. Not every dog was trained the same and some may be accustomed to eliminating inside or even soiling their bedding. Regularly check their living quarters for hidden accidents and keep them scent-free with enzyme-based cleaners.

Inviting a rescue dog into your household is a wonderful thing, and with a few steps and the right methods, you can ensure that they’ll quickly pick up on all the good habits you have to offer. Then you both can enjoy the companionship of a household friend.

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