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The Review

I have always been interested to test the Pet Loo and its features. The first impression of this product gives you the idea of no longer having to sacrifice on taking your dog outdoors to do their business. Say goodbye to the early morning runs to the toilet and dog owners can say goodbye to toilet walks in unpredictable weather and not to mention the carpet stains.

Basically, the Pet Loo is a backyard that comes in a box shape that solves our dog potty problems. This latest and portable turf-like toilet is simple, hygienic, convenient and environmental-friendly. Pet Loo gives the freedom for our dogs to potty without having to rely on you every time they have to do it.

Similar to the dog systems available in the market, this product also comes with a urine draining system which is fairly effective for young and old dogs. Upon testing this product, I find it very easy to use, clean and the synthetic grass it has appears to last long. Another similarity is that you have to get rid of the urine and wastes. The Pet Loo is a stand-alone product that does not require puppy pads nor daily replacement or grass.

You can clean Pet Loo similar to how you clean your own toilet. It is required that you empty the unit at least everyday. Moreover, the grass can be maintained clean by pouring warm water over the grass to rinse off any remaining waste. The actual cleaning can be done once a week when your Pet Loo needs to be cleansed with water and leave it under the sun to dry. No need to use scrubs, bleach or even gloves.

Surprisingly, the product appears to be lightweight and fits perfectly for the medium-sized dog but I have tried stepping on it and it proves to be sturdy as it didn’t even wriggle. You are assured that it may take lots of dogs to use it before it gets broken.

Summary Review:

How did The Pet Loo rate?

The Pet Loo is made from a specifically sourced material that is resistant to the acidity of urine and the accompanying smell which ensures a long-lasting and hygienic product. This product has been tested to hold up to 300kgs of weight so it will easily support heavier pets and is suitable for pet owners who have multiple companions.

The base is slightly angled to assist gravity in the catchment of urine. It has been reinforced specifically to support the weight of any dog and is shaped to channel the urine towards the collection jug. The catchment jug holds approximately 1.75 litres of liquid and is situated in such a position that ensures the urine is filtered evenly. The material used is resistant to the acidity of urine and the smells which accompany it. The jug has been positioned and designed to such a shape and size so that it is easily removed and waste can be poured down the toilet with no spillage.

Easy to build?
It is pretty simple and convenient to build.
Ease of
In order to clean the base, simply remove the grass and wipe the base down with warm water. It is important to know that the use of any cleaning agents on The Base may repel your animal and compromise the purpose of The Pet Loo.
Pet Loo is said to be hygenic, convenient and environmentally friendly.

The Pet Loo – The Video Introduction


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