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Porch Potty Dog Litter Box

I have bought and tested Porch Potty and I must say that the product is remarkable and very impressive. After months of finding the best and most functional dog potty I can use for my dog, Porch Potty saved me from all the hassles and longer periods of training my dog to potty in my assigned space for him.

To begin with, Porch Potty comes very competitive with its pricing in the market that already comes with a sprinkler or drainage system. Others may see it as a high maintenance type of dog potty. But luckily, it worked for me and having a sprinkler makes the whole unit odor-free!

Porch Potty Grass with Built-In Drainage System

I’m very proud to have bought the only dog potty that comes with a built-in drainage system. This fact already keeps me from being agonized everyday as to when the dog pans will spill over which can always be a complete mess for my home! In my search for the best dog potty, I have seen a lot of dog potties that uses grass and a catch pan that the dog owner will have to drain everyday. If you fail not to clear the pan or totally forget about it, foul smells from overflowing urine will surely upsurge build up as quick as a flash.

Porch Potty Sprinkler System

The coolest feature this product has is the sprinkler system which makes it wets itself and drains itself without any intervention. Indeed, this feature makes Porch Potty on top of the league as a self-cleaning dog potty. It’s just similar to turning it to an auto pilot mode. All I have to do is get rid of my dog’s solid waste and throw it properly.

Real or Synthetic Dog Grass

The best part about my most recent purchase is its ability to grow and work well with real dog grass! I thought of availing a synthetic grass and surprisingly it works too! Initially, I have potty trained my dog with real grass and I’m already thinking of transitioning him gradually to synthetic grass. I also learned from other Porch Potty owners that I can replace the real grass with synthetic grass after several months.

By now, I’m pretty sure that you are sold to buying Porch Potty. It can either be used for either indoor or outdoor dog potty training. Also, Porch Potty now comes with a catch pan for your indoor dog potty training. This is surely one of my best buys for the month!

Summary Review:

How did Porch Potty rate?
I’m very happy to have bought the only dog potty that comes with a built-in drainage system. The design of Porch Potty has saved me from the dog pans spilling over and mess on my home. I have seen a lot of dog potty systems that uses grass and a catch pan to be drained everyday. Porch Potty has been successful in coming up with product feature of having a built-in pop up sprinkler system! It can water itself and drains itself without any help coming from. Indeed, this feature makes Porch Potty on top of the must-buy dog potty system because of its self-cleaning dog potty feature. Imagine having a dog potty system that you can turn into an auto pilot mode. The only thing I have to do dispose my dog’s solid wastes properly.

The Porch Potty materials are all made of UV-protected plastic ensuring that it looks new without discoloration or fading even for more than 10 years. In addition, it does not rot, mildew, absorb moisture, odors or bacteria.

One of its top features is the fact that it has the ability to grow and work well with real dog grass! This promotes flexibility to any dog owner as they can opt to use synthetic grass or real grass. The product is durable and can last for a long time. Porch Potty is surely one of my best purchases ever!

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Porch Potty is very easy to assemble! You just have to put on all the parts together and assemble it according to the instructions provided in the product upon delivery.
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Porch Potty offers two options in cleaning its unit unlike other dog potty systems out there. The standard model comes with a basin-like tool that catches the dog urine. Moreover, there is a hole in the center of its base which equips this product with the ability to collect the dog’s liquid wastes.

We highly suggest that you get Porch Potty if you live in condominiums or apartments and have an ample space at home. This product is also highly recommended for dog owners who prefer to use a synthetic grass system for their dogs. The product also offers training sod instead of grass as an alternative option.

Undeniably, I am happy to have come across the best solution for my dog. The Porch Potty is indeed the winner in my list of dog potty systems. Porch Potty offered a better space and coverage for my dog. The price is reasonable and the features you’d get to enjoy are unsurpassed by the other available dog potty solutions in the market.

Moreover, Porch Potty’ drainage is unique as no other product comes with both drain options (indoor catch basin and extended drain hose). It is surely a great way to keep the porch potty clean, just like how our toilet works.

Lastly, Porch Potty is automated as it waters and drains itself. No other dog potty system can do that. This feature is patented only for Porch Potty’s use.

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