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The Review

Of all the dog potty products I have seen, the UGODOG is perhaps the simplest in design yet very functional dog potty in the market. It appears to be perfect to be used indoors because of its design, plus it claims to be environment-friendly dog potty.

The good news about this product is the fact that it does not use grass at all. Having this said, gives you the idea that your dog will surely keep their paws dry and the rest of your home which is certainly a great relief to any dog owner!

UGODOG dog potty comes with two fitted grates that are removable. The evenly square-sized openings of the grates are designed to ensure that the paws of your dogs even small puppies won’t get locked or trapped in between it. Certainly, a very functional design to match!

You may be wondering how your dogs’ paws will be kept dry? The grates are effective ways of keeping it dry since the dog’s urine passes through the grate openings. Moreover, the openings allow it to remain on top of the grates making it very easy to clean.

Summary Review:

How did UgoDog rate?
The Ugodog unit comes in a solid base capable of supporting all dog breeds. It is comprised of two smaller, removable, fitted grates make clean up easier and more convenient. There are also convex beams designed to cushion delicate paws of dogs. Although, the base may be too lightweight and can be dragged easily by the dog since the unit is not so heavy.
Easy to build?
Ugodog is simple to build because all of its parts are intact to each other upon delivery. The item somehow promotes its usage similar to newspaper training your dog.
Ease of
The grates keep the liquid away from puppy's paws which makes the paws of your dog dry as the urine passes through cubed openings on to base. It also allows poop to settle on top making it easy for the owner to clean it up easily. All you have to do is discard or replace soiled newspaper in the base at least once a day. The unit requires minimal supervision since you just simply wipe down the unit with a wet paper towel, or wipes to ensure that it’s clean.
Indeed, Ugodog is more economical than wee pads and expensive patio potty systems. It is considered to be convenient, clean, and easy to use. In addition, the unit is durable and weather resistant for outdoor use. Unfortunately, the potty training it promotes and requires the owner to do is nothing different to training your dogs with a newspaper.


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