Your Puppy and Housetraining

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I don’t have to stress the importance of toilet training your puppy – I’m sure most of you already know that. What a lot of folks don’t realize, however, is that housebreaking should begin as soon as your new puppy comes home! Another thing that’s just as crucial is that you, as the dog owner, must be ready to be patient and observant throughout the entire process.

photoThere are specific times in the day when your puppy will need to relieve himself. Take him outside for about 30 minutes:

* As soon as he wakes up in the morning.
* After eating.
* After a nap during the day.
* After playing.
* After you come home from an outing.
* Before going to bed for the night.

Several dog owners take their pups out for a walk only to see their pets do their business as soon as they return indoors. To avoid this, walk your puppy to his toilet spot. Stand still beside him, allowing him to lose interest in you. Do not sit down as this will only encourage your puppy to jump on you and forget what he’s really supposed to be doing out there.

Praise your pup if he does a good job. Never, I repeat, never rub his nose in his messes! This is ineffective and will only hinder his progress. Providing positive reinforcement when your pet does the right thing in the right area is the best training technique – he’ll learn really fast this way.

When you’re training your puppy to do his business outside, lead him to where you want him to go. Stay with him, then praise him when he relieves himself there. Keep in mind that sometimes, male puppies take longer to perform than females. Just be patient with your pet.

It seems that a lot of dog owners forget that puppies are like human children – when they have to go, they really have to go! Your pup cannot travel long distances to relieve himself, so choose a toilet area that’s close by and accessible. Also, don’t expect him to know the right thing to do from the get-go – it’s up to you to teach him that.

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