Your Dog And His Pee

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When you write a letter, you use a pen and paper. For dogs this is quite different. Not all puppy pee is a result of accidents; sometimes it is simply your pup’s way of sending a message. This can sometimes be a misconception when pet owners discover that an object in their home is the victim of puppy urine.

When your pup begins to mark area’s in your home, this is not necessarily a sign that they are having accidents. Often times a new move may stimulate a pup that was previously house trained to mark areas in the house. New furniture can be the target for your pup as the new smell and intruding look can prove to be irresistible to their sensitive nose. Sometimes it may simply be that you have a visitor or even the smell of another dog can stimulate them to send a message.

photoSigns that your pup is actually having accidents in your home are often urinating near doors that lead to their designated potty areas. A wet mat at the backdoor or a spot on the floor next to the garage door are often signs that your pup could not hold their bladder. This may not always be their fault though, as an owner you need to let them have access to these places relatively often. The best way to determine that your pup needs to go is if you need to go.

There are medical conditions that can affect bladder control as well. This may sometimes result in them urinating in odd spots like their crate or trailing urine across the floor. Keeping your dog on a regular checkup is important to ensure their health. Diabetes and old age can sometimes affect a pup’s ability to control how often they need to go. Ask your vet about special needs of your pup if they have conditions that would affect them.

Keeping an eye on your pup when they begin to mark your house is the best solution. Ensure that each mess is thoroughly cleaned to prevent them from becoming accustomed to using the spot. Remember that not all urine is the same, so next time your pup starts leaving messages- try to consider what they may be telling you.

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