Why Every Dog Owner Needs the Porch Potty

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Imagine for a minute that you live in an apartment. With a pet dog. On the ninth floor. Today, it is snowing, and freezing outside. While you can go to the bathroom whenever you need to do number one or number two, what about your canine friend?

On a day when the weather is nice, it is already quite a hassle to go down nine stories whenever your dog has to relieve himself. What more during winter? Before you can step out the door, you’ll need to put on your coat, scarf, and snow boots first. Then you’ll have to carry your dog outside and freeze your butt off while you wait for him to finish his business. You get the picture.

photoLet’s envision a different scenario. You’re still an apartment dwelling dog owner who lives on the ninth floor. And it’s still winter. But now, whenever your dog has to pee or poop, he goes to his litter box called the Porch Potty. By himself!

I don’t know about you, but I prefer the second scenario. Life as a dog owner is a lot easier and more convenient with the Porch Potty.

The Porch Potty looks like an elevated area of grass on a white plastic platform. The grass is synthetic, but you can order a live training sod if your dog is still in the middle of the toilet training process. Also included in the kit is a cute scented fire hydrant to attract your pet and give him something to aim at.

So where does all the liquid waste go? The urine and water (for cleaning) goes through the grass and down the built-in drainage, which is then either collected in the indoor catch basin or flows straight through the drain hose, the end of which can be placed by a gutter or flower bed.

The Porch Potty Premium features an automated rinse and drain system so it pretty much cleans itself. You can even set the time when the sprinklers will come up to rinse the grass. Nifty, no?

When it comes to dog litter boxes, the Porch Potty is unmatched in terms of convenience, sanitation, and style. And it’s not just for apartments – the Porch Potty is a great addition to any dog owner’s home.

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