Why Did My Pup Suddenly Start Peeing in His Crate?

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He used to be so good about not peeing in there. He would hold it in for up to 5 hours and refuse to pee in his crate. There were instances when he did pee in there, but those happened only about three times and he didn’t do it on purpose – I just wasn’t able to reach him in time. He used to whine when he had to go but he doesn’t do that anymore. He would only whine for 2 or 3 short seconds and then pee in his crate. This has happened about three times. The third time there was very little pee in the crate, and I assume that he stopped himself because he didn’t want to go in there.

This morning I looked in his crate and saw that he had peed in there again. I believe he did not completely empty himself because when I took him out after I noticed the pee in his crate, he peed some more. Is it possible that I did not remove the odor entirely? I don’t have a pet odor remover and just use a counter cleaner or general cleaner, but I’m going to buy one later today. What could be causing him to go in his crate? He’s peeing in there more frequently than before.


First of all, when your puppy starts to whine, it is usually a sign that he needs to go out. This is the case when you are with him, so once he begins to whine, take him outside immediately.

As for the crate, it might be too big for your pup. Dogs generally don’t like to dirty the places where they eat and sleep, so if the crate is the right size, i.e. just large enough for him to turn around and lie down, then he won’t pee in there. However, if there’s too much space, he will designate one corner as the bathroom and lie down in another.

He also might be spending too much time in his crate and has gotten the idea that it is okay to pee in it. It is recommended that puppies are crated for only 3-4 hours at a time. Except for overnight, pups and dogs should never be confined for more than 5 hours at a time – 6 is the maximum!

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