When You Move Your Family and the Dog

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Any situation that involves moving is going to be littered with hurdles to overcome. You have to focus on getting your family oriented, packing up your stuff, relocating it, and organizing your new home. All these things can become time consuming, leaving you little time to focus on other things.

One of those other things just happens to be your dog. Sometimes new to the family, you might find yourself in the midst of potty training and juggling all the tasks it takes to relocate. But that doesn’t mean you can’t spend time focusing on your dog’s needs, especially since a new home is going to present a great deal of change for your dog to face.

Adjusting to a new home

Working while organizing your family move at the same time can be either a challenge or a benefit. With your family there to assist you, it can be an opportunity to incorporate the whole family. Just be sure that everyone knows the part they need to play, such as feeding, potty times, and handling (you don’t want your dog to get lost).

The general aspect of relocation can be difficult for a dog to handle. They’re familiar with their surroundings and will quickly begin developing habits in the home. The problem here is that the new location may not provide identical sights, sounds, and smell for them to associate with potty locations.

Teaching them in a new place doesn’t have to be difficult though. Scent is one of the most effective ways to use during the adjustment, since dogs have very good olfactory senses. Use this to your advantage. This is where incentive sprays can be a great asset. What other conditions can you replicate in your new home? Is there a certain environment they prefer? Grass and even a little soil from their old home can help them associate a new location with their designated potty area as well. Basically, you’ll want to find a location similar to the area where you were previously training them.

Time to potty

It is also best to try to keep their schedule the same. Feeding times will still affect their need to potty and the timeframe in which they’ll want to do so. Keep their diet the same and their schedule identical. Your family can help you with this task, especially since the move can put a time consuming burden on all those involved.

Be prepared

Also, don’t become discouraged with accidents, because they happen often in a new home, regardless of training. It may be possible that your dog has picked up the scent of a previous pet in the home or even a strange smell that they can’t identify. The use of an enzyme based cleaner is going to be a powerful asset in this scenario, so be prepared to eliminate any situations before they become a serious problem.

Additionally, keep in mind that the stress of a move can sometimes cause diarrhea in dogs. This is a natural sign that they’re stressed, and often passes within a few days. Just make sure that your dog has regular access to their potty location when need be.

Moving can prove a challenge for both your family and your pets. But with some patience and teamwork, you can help your dog adjust while you move in and enjoy your new home together as a family.

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