When It’s not Safe

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Your dog wakes you up in the middle of the night, scratching at the door and whining to be let out. You look over at the alarm clock which shows that it’s right about midnight. It’s dark outside, it’s late, and the neighborhood you live in isn’t exactly the friendliest/safest in the world.

Unfortunately, your dog still has to go potty and there’s no way they’re going to be able to hold it until morning. This leaves you with few options, the cleanest (and least safe) of which is to dare the late night so that your pup can take care of business.

Going outside

Staying safe should be your main concern in this type of situation. You’ll want to observe the area before you leave the safety of your house. This is best done from a window that overlooks the entire area you plan to be in.

Once you determine the outlay of the environment, it’s a good idea to wear bright clothing so that you can be seen by others. You’ll also want to turn on any lights and keep the area where you’re going to well illuminated, with the help of a porch light or floodlight.

Also, you’ll want to avoid areas where someone or something (a dog, snake, or even a raccoon) could be hiding. Stay away from places such as high bushes, stairwells, or hedges. Stay close to the door if you can, as it will be much faster to go back in should any danger arise. If you have to go beyond your home, don’t wander around the neighborhood or go around corners.

Items to have

When going out in the dead of night, it’s vital that you keep a few items with you. This includes a cellular phone (even if you’re just stepping out for a moment) and a powerful flashlight. A flashlight will allow you to not only observe/illuminate the area, but also inhibit the vision of anyone approaching you. And the most important tool is your dog’s leash. A leash will help you maintain control over the dog should they want to run off unexpectedly.

Stay completely safe

Of course, not having to go outside is the best solution to the issue. Rather than risk a late night adventure outdoors in a hostile environment, consider investing in an indoor potty solution such as a dog litter box to avoid putting yourself and your dog in harm’s way. An indoor potty solution not only saves you the trouble, but allows the dog to take care of business at their own convenience, without having to wake you.

Not every neighborhood will have white picket fences and a friendly Mr. Rogers as a neighbor. At times, it can be unwise to go out, especially when it’s dark. This means that you have to take all necessary precautions to make your trip outside a successful one for everyone involved. Strive to keep yourself and your dog safe at such times, and if it seems too dangerous to head outside, it may be time to find a solution that keeps you inside.

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