What’s Your Dog Up To?

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The recent past has seen an increase in the way people keep in touch and share with each other. Social networks, texting, and the plethora of Internet information sources have allowed people to get information much more efficiently, and then share it just as easily.

Of course, this is a great opportunity for pet owners to share their stories with others around the world. There are forums on social networks for just about any topic one can think off, and as such dog owners would be wise to subscribe to one that helps them learn more about their canine pets.

Learning more about your dog

Information is power, as they say, and the more you learn about your dog, the better you will be suited to respond to any situation. What one might consider a funny story about their dog snacking on some groceries when no one was looking can turn into a life-saving situation when someone hears about it and offers helpful advice.

Say your pup seems to behave a little strange. Their schedule changes, they start using the spot behind the couch for a bathroom, or maybe even have a little trouble with their bowels. At such a time, you need expert advice, but sometimes it is expensive or time consuming to find a veterinarian to help you.

What were once facts limited to the elite, trained professionals, are now open for discussion in the online world. With dog forums, getting advice and help is simple, convenient, and far less expensive (depending on your internet and phone service) than taking a trip to the vet every time you have a concern. And when there is concern, there isn’t any dispute on whether or not it’s vital that your dog does need to go to the vet for medical treatment. The end result is that sharing saves more dog lives simply because there’s more awareness about dogs and their needs.


The one primary benefit to the social online world is that it’s easy enough to simply ask. Rather than being limited to a few friends (whom may not be familiar with pet ownership), you can pose your questions to the right forum and get your answers.

Of course, this also allows each individual to share their own personal insight, experiences, and stories as well. Every individual will have their own thoughts on particular topics and subjects, some well-informed than others. What this means is that you can’t always take the first bit of advice you get. Like anything in print, it’s always open to perception and argument. Hence, the reason the internet is often so lively with discussion because without disagreement and different point of views, we wouldn’t have much to talk about. So, be sure you double check the offered facts before you take anyone’s word for it.

Pictures and stories

What social networking has done for the dog/companion world is bring everyone together, turning what was once a relationship between pet and owner into a bond that seems more like a paternal relationship. Owners utilize social networks to update how their “buddy” is doing at the moment or what kind of mischief they have planned for the park later.

What the social world has done for these relationships is help dog owners exhibit how much they love their pooches- and how much their furry friends love them back. Pictures and stories provide a world of different experiences that other owners, even potential ones, can research to really gain insight into the world of dogs, their habits, antics, and the bond that builds between.

Recent trends point towards a state where social won’t be just for people anymore. In fact, there are plenty of dogs that have their own social update-statuses, turning them into public figures in the online world. From politics to story characters, dogs are getting their say in the online world, and change the way that people view these furry friends.

The online world is full of information, and it can be extremely helpful; from simple advice to lifesaving social updates. But just because it’s online doesn’t always mean that it’s pure fact, so be sure that you ask around, because there’s always someone else you can consult before you decide for yourself what the facts are.

Double check the source and the information. [tweet this]

Every dog is different, and because of that simple fact, it’s great to be able to share each one of their experiences, unique stories, and the silly candid pictures. As such, always feel free to ask questions, share your own stories, helpful hints, and even post up a cute picture of your pooch when the time is right.

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