What are Potential Dangers in Potty Training

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While it may seem like a harmless process, even potty training can expose your dog to potentially dangerous situations. For any dog owner, it is crucial to always keep your dog safe because they look to you for guidance and education. Their experience during their first lessons with you will ultimately help them develop into happy and healthy dogs.

Overlooking medical problems is one of the biggest dangers that dog owners can face during their first experiences with potty training. Many dogs will make mistakes, a few of which are forgivable. But, in some situations, like incontinence, diabetes, or even infections and worms, it may be difficult or even impossible for your dog to control their bodily functions, resulting in random accidents. As a pet lover, the worst thing you can do is neglect your dog’s medical health. If it appears that they aren’t learning or are just having trouble controlling their bodily functions, check with your veterinarian to ensure that they aren’t suffering from any medical problems.

Disciplining improperly is amongst the dangers of potty training. Potty accidents aren’t the neatest occurrences, and can leave us upset or even angry. A young dog’s body is incredibly sensitive both emotionally and physically, so be sure you treat your dog gently. Physical discipline is seldom useful, and often harmful with little result. Also keep in mind that a dog has excellent hearing, so shouting doesn’t mean they will hear you any better. Rather, utilize the tone of your voice to get a better response.

Cleanliness is another topic that every pet owner needs to address. As feces accumulate in potty areas, it can become a harvest ground for fleas, ticks, and even worms. Be sure that you maintain your dog’s potty area and remove anything that could result in dangerous infections. To make it easier, using a grass litter box is an effective way to quickly and easily maintain your dog’s potty areas, so they always have a clean location for their convenience.

Dog owners always need to be prepared to ensure their dog’s safety. Starting with potty training and continuing on throughout life, there will always be dangers to face, but your dog doesn’t have to face them alone with you by their side.

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