Using Verbal Commands in Dog Potty Training

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Using specific verbal cues during toilet training will help you communicate better with your puppy. It is a great idea to always say a particular word when it is time to go to the bathroom, such as “outside.” Keep in mind that everybody in the family should use the same command in the same way at all times. In this situation, think of “outside” as not only a question that you are asking your puppy, but also as a hint that you want to go there.

photoSome dogs may learn to go to the door whenever they want to head outside. This does not happen as often as some might believe, though, and it is better to use verbal commands to initiate this type of activity rather than to wait for the puppy to pick up this behavior. If you keep using a word or phrase like “outside,” your puppy will learn to come to you instead of the door when he has to head outside. This is better since he sees you as part of the overall activity of getting to where he needs to go.

Once you and your puppy are outside, encourage him to do his business. You can say, “do it”, “hurry up”, “potty”, or “do your numbers.” As soon as he pees or poops, it is crucial to praise him with a “good dog” and then come back inside right away. Use your verbal cue for trips with bathroom purposes only. If you are taking your puppy outside to play or go for a walk, do not mention the command.

When an accident happens, do not punish your puppy if you do not catch him in the act. If you do catch him, do not get mad. Quickly and calmly pick him up, say “no” firmly, and carry him outside or to his papers. Not only will discipline not help, it can also cause long-term problems between dog and owner.

The feeding schedule you set can help or hinder the toilet training process. Puppies will need to go outside not long after they wake up and within 30 to 40 minutes following meals. Be consistent in feeding your puppy so you can expect when he needs to go. Plan your trips around these routines.

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