Too Much Urine?

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How frequently should your dog be peeing? In most cases, it’s a relative question. Young puppies and older dogs will pee more often than those in between. But, what happens when your dog suddenly changes behavior? What about those who have just become pet owners and are adjusting to their dog’s own unique habits?

In most cases, your dog is going to either have transparent or dark urine. Now, there are certain elements which will result in the variations. Transparent often means your dog is well hydrated, while a darker color commonly means your dog hasn’t had enough water to drink lately. However, certain food types and other conditions such as ailments (they’re feeling under the weather) and medication will often discolor urine as well.

Excessive peeing

The problem comes when your dog begins to urinate a little more than often. In many cases, this could be their body trying to get rid of something or it could be a serious condition such as a urinary tract infection.

Keep in mind that just because your dog is licking themselves down there doesn’t mean they have an infection. In fact, the action is actually their natural way of preventing infections. But, if they’re consistently licking themselves or showing signs of discomfort and irritation, you’ll want to consult with your veterinarian to make sure there’s no danger to your dog’s health.

There are other scenarios that can result in excessive urine as well. There are some elements found in your yard which can cause your dog to pee excessively. Some yard sprays have toxic chemicals in trace amounts, and since dogs tend to sniff and snack on different yard plants from grass to milk weeds, their body will attempt to rid these toxins the best way it knows how. Keep track of what your dog puts in their mouth and make sure your yard is clear of any hazardous elements, including toxic vegetation such as the lily plant.

Normal in an abnormal situation

What if they’re peeing a lot all at once? Not all dogs go frequently, and some can hold it for a long time. However, they may be holding it too long. This isn’t good for their body either, and often results in a bladder infection, which will eventually turn into a dangerous situation.

Do keep in mind that young puppies and senior dogs are going to have to potty more often. The same condition applies for dogs suffering from diabetes as well. Dogs should always have regular access to a potty location, even while you’re at work. And just to make sure their body stays healthy and well-maintained, walk them regularly and make sure they get plenty of exercise. While it might seem like it is just to keep them in shape, it actually helps their digestion as well, ensuring everything functions properly.

There are certain conditions that can result in excessive dog urination, and they are the ones that you’ll need to focus on to ensure your pup stays healthy. But for the most part, don’t be worried if your dog is going regularly and right on schedule, because after all, it’s only natural.

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