Tips on How to Housebreak Your Dog

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Having a pet at home can be beneficial, especially as a loyal companion and a stress reliever. If you decide to get a dog for a pet, you have to prepare yourself for a little mess at home. Dogs are naturally playful and if you leave them unattended, especially in their first couple of weeks, they will develop habits that you might find stressful in the long run.

photoCleaning up after your dog can really be stressful but if you housebreak your dog and get him into the habit of designating the outside as his “bathroom,” then soon enough your house will be free from your dogs urine and feces.

Housebreaking a dog will take a couple of weeks depending on your dog’s attitude. During the duration of his training, you have to be patient and consistent. You want the dog to develop a habit, and consistency will make it happen.

While you are housebreaking him, do not allow him to be all over your house. Keep him close to you or put him in a crate if you are busy. This is to avoid any accidents around the house and a chance to watch his bladder and bowel movements. Dogs need to go at least 30 minutes after a meal or after they play. Make sure to bring him outside and designate a spot for him where he can do his business. You can do a schedule for his activities to make it consistent and to avoid confusing him. He will slowly get the habit of doing it on the same spot at the same time every day. Take him out before you go to sleep and first thing in morning. If you see that he is about to do it inside the house, give him a hard “no” or clap your hands and direct him to go outside.

Housebreaking your dog is hard work, but it is necessary if you want to avoid cleaning up your furniture every time he eliminates inside your house.

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