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When it comes to teaching your dog what’s right and wrong in their new home, there are certain techniques and practices that every owner should be aware of when starting their housebreaking training.

housebreaking tips for dog ownersDogs are naturally instinctive, and while that may seem like something you need to overcome, it is, in fact, something that you can put to use. Always keep in mind that dogs love habit and prefer to keep their home clean, and that they love to please their companion.

To start, you must always watch your dog like a hawk. Don’t let them roam around the home unattended or have free-reign over the house. Let them earn their right to do certain things or to enter certain rooms.

Always clean up accidents quickly and with enzyme-based cleaners. While it may seem that bleach and ammonia cleaners will disinfect the area, keep in mind that these can not only be toxic, but also that they actually work as an incentive for your dog. Ammonia is naturally found in urine and the two substances often smells very similar to a dog. This can cause confusion and even encourage marking habits in your new pup.

Proceed by establishing a specific spot to potty. Once established, don’t change it. Dogs quickly develop habits, and this is the exact opportunity to take advantage of it. It is best to choose a specific location in the yard, preferably out of sight, where your dog will be isolated and undistracted. When it is time to potty, accompany them and verbalize a standard command to potty. (Choose one that suits and be sure to use a different tone of voice to help them differentiate this command from normal talking.) This procedure should be regularly followed until they are completely housebroken and can be trusted to do their business on their own.

To further the application of habit, develop a standard feeding and watering schedule. A dog’s body naturally has an internal clock. If they eat, they must poop. If they drink, they will eventually need to urinate. These are practiced on a schedule, and if you want to control when your dog has these urges, practice feeding them during specific times of the day and then taking them to eliminate when the time is right.

The process of housebreaking your dog doesn’t have to be a complex or confusing process that takes too long. If you spend some quality time working with your dog’s natural instincts and enforcing their already embedded habits, they will learn and adapt quickly so that you can both enjoy a happy and clean home.

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