Tips for Finding the Best Indoor Dog Potty

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Indoor dog potties are ideal for dog owners who live in condos, apartments, or anywhere that doesn’t have quick access to outside areas. It’s also perfect for older dogs that are unable to walk very far. The major advantage of indoor canine potties is convenience – you don’t have to take your pooch outside every time he has to do his business. Not all indoor potties are the same, though, so you will want to do your homework first before you make a purchase.

photoIt can get overwhelming with all the different choices out there, so here are a few tips to help you find the right indoor potty for your dog.

First off, look at all the features that each model has to offer. List them down and compare them against one another. Don’t go for the indoor potty that has the most features. Pick the one that has the most features you feel are useful and for the best price. It’s no good having dozens of features that you’re not going to use anyway.

Check the weight limit of each dog potty. You shouldn’t have much of a problem if you have a small pooch, but this is a significant factor if you have a larger dog. See to it that the indoor potty will be able support your pet without sagging.

When making your decision, keep the word “maintenance” in mind. Some dog potties can clean themselves and are practically maintenance free, while others will require more time to maintain. Are you okay with emptying a pan full of waste regularly or would you rather just hose everything down? Find out how each model needs to be cleaned before you buy – you’ll be glad you did.

Some indoor dog potties mimic grassy areas since canines have a natural instinct to go on grass. If you opt for one of these types, start your pooch off on real grass as it will make it easier for you to train him. Once he has learned to use the indoor potty, you can switch to synthetic grass.

Last but not least, consider how much space you can allocate for an indoor dog potty. This is very important but it can be easily overlooked. Take measurements (don’t guess) so you’ll know if the dog potty will fit.

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