The Key to Effective Dog Training

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Dog training is a comprehensive term; it includes puppy training, housebreaking, crate training, obedience training, and behavior correction. Because every dog is different, the type of training and tools required will depend on the situation.

photoPuppy owners are responsible for teaching their pet the proper way to behave in their new environment. In puppy training, you will deal with behaviors such as barking, chewing, crying, and digging. Potty training is part of the mix as well. Conduct short but consistent training sessions. Always practice positive reinforcement and use praise and rewards. Don’t be harsh on your puppy and he will become more confident and understand better what he’s supposed to do.

Housebreaking and crate training are usually carried out while the dog is still a puppy, but can be done later in life as well. These two training techniques typically go hand in hand. When a puppy or adult dog is crated, he is confined for periods of time and learns to wait to go to the bathroom. This prevents accidents and chewing, and sets some boundaries for your pet. The crate doubles as a potty training tool and your dog’s safe place. Do not turn it into a place he goes to for punishment. Your dog should only have positive associations with his crate so he will do well when he is confined in it.

Some canines have certain behavior problems that need to be corrected. Some examples are barking, digging, biting, and separation anxiety. Many of these issues are the result of a lack of communication between pet and owner. Obedience training can correct current problems and prevent future ones. Determine what triggers the problem behavior and learn how to handle them.

Whatever the type of training you’re doing, there are several products available to help make the job easier. For example, certain sprays are used to teach puppies where to go potty, while no bark collars let dogs know when it is inappropriate to bark.

Figure out first what you have to do, then do a little research to find the techniques and products that suit your needs the best.

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