Submissive Urination in Dogs

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Does your dog pee when you pet him? Surely you’ve wondered why this happens. While it is frustrating, you have to know that your dog is not doing this on purpose. Submissive urination occurs when your dog is scared, overexcited, and/or anxious. You cannot punish him for something he cannot control. If your pet is young, there is a chance that might outgrow this behavior.

photoIs there anything you can do to “fix” submissive urination? The good news is, yes, you can help your dog overcome this problem. You will have to take some extra housebreaking safety measures, in addition to getting your pet to calm down.

Start by teaching your dog canine to human respect. When you go on walks, see to it that he is heeling and not dragging you down the sidewalk. He should be following you and not the other way around. Train him to enter and exit all doorways after humans. Walk him for long periods of time to drain his energy and make him more relaxed. This will prevent him from peeing from excitement.

Look out for dominancy behaviors that your dog might have. If you find any, correct them calmly but firmly to give your dog a feeling of security. Canines that do not see an obvious leadership pattern frequently worry about their pack.

Ignore your dog when you get home. Do not make any sudden motions; move slowly to keep him calm. You can try walking backward or sideways. Do not praise your pet as this will make him excited. Do not sit or kneel on the ground. Do not lean over him or bend down toward him. Do not look him in the eyes and do not face him directly.

If your dog runs up to you when you walk into the house, do not stop to greet and pet him. Do something else until he calms down. Let him approach you later on. If you will be having guests over, tell them ahead of time to kindly ignore the dog.

Correcting a submissive urination problem may take some time, but it can be done. You can make gradual adjustments accordingly as you see your dog’s confidence improving and his mind settling down.

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