Rocky in the Big City

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Something has changed recently. Though I enjoyed the outdoors of my old home and its open comforts, my paws now have settled me in the big city. I can hear the moving traffic below, horn honks and noise echo up into my new home.

photoIt isn’t very much space, if you ask me. A few rooms allow me some brief exercise, but it only makes me miss the open area of my old backyard. What seems to make it worse is the fact that I can’t always get outside to potty when I need to. I am often left holding my piddles so that I don’t make a mess on the floor again. Last time I did, my companion didn’t like it, and it was quite embarrassing.

So all I can do is sit here and hold my potty. It’ll be a while before my companion gets back from work, and even then, I’ll have to run down all those stairs to get to the bathroom area. Most of the city’s walkways are made of stone, so it makes it hard to find a comfortable spot to do my business. Really, when it comes to potty time, this new home makes it hard to accomplish.

My discomfort still worsening with the time, I begin to roam through the house trying to find a place that my companion won’t notice my markings, or perhaps even a place where it’ll be okay to go. I sniff around the table, but here is far too apparent. So I move on to the couch, but I’d hate to potty on my own comfortable spot. I trot over to the bathroom, sniffing for a spot that shouldn’t get me into too much trouble.

With a sniff, I chose a spot behind the funny water bowl. I’ve seen my friend use it a few times, so why shouldn’t I? As I prepare to release, the sound of keys brings comfort to my mind. I stop my duties and rush to the front door. My companion opens it for, and I rush out into the pathway. He calls my name a few times, and I bark to tell him what needs to be done. He follows, but slowly, which only makes me more impatient.

I safely relieve myself at the bottom walkway, directly in public view. A few other dogs make fun of me, but I don’t care. When it’s time to go, you have to take care of business. Unfortunately, it’s very uncomfortable to hold it this long, and even worse when I have to wait for the old man to navigate those ten flights of stairs. Hopefully something will change this aggravating scenario.

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