Puppy Potty Training

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When adjusting your new pup to your living habitations, it is important to remember that the process will have to be well managed. Spending time with your new dog will allow you to build positive reinforcement instead of correcting after the mistake. Avoiding mistakes and accidents during potty training is quicker and more effective than waiting for them to make a mistake and trying to correct it.

photoLimiting a pup’s space at first will help your pup adjust to the new home. Crates can be very effective during this process as they can assist in preventing accidents. Associating the crate as your pup’s den will encourage them not to want to soil the area where they live and eat. Do not make the crate a punishment as this will make them fear the crate or their den and they may begin to potty there. Throughout the day, make sure that your pup has frequent access to your potty location. Decide whether you will want your pup to use the natural yard, or you may want to obtain a grass litter box for them.

Keep in mind that younger pups do not have much bladder control. At least every three hours you will need to let them have access to their potty zone. This will help prevent accidents from occurring. If there are accidents, you will need to immediately clean them up and make sure to use an odor-eating product that will eliminate the smell. This should help prevent your pup form wanting to use the spot again in the future.

Be sure that after a meal or playtime you take your pup to their potty location. You will want to create a command to familiarize potty time with this word or phrase. After they have successfully delivered, praise them for doing a good job and perhaps a treat will reinforce the deed.  If there is an accident in the house, unless you catch them doing the deed, you will want to avoid punishment. If you punish them after the deed, they may not comprehend why you are doing this. If you do catch them in the act, though it can be messy, immediately take them to their potty area to help associate the spot for this deed.

By utilizing the strategic abilities of crate training with potty training your pup can develop a better sense of where to go when they need to do their business.

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