Potty Training in Your Apartment

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For those living in the urban districts, apartments that sit high above the street can make it a little difficult for your pup to hop on outside to take care of business. Potty training your pup for an apartment has its own difficulties, especially when you can’t just open the door and let your pup wander outside until the job is done.

photoFor most folks, who live in an apartment, purchasing a grass litter box for their pup is going to be the best help you can offer your pup. It offers your pup easy and quick access, and is particularly helpful if you’re at work all day, or even disabled and would have to navigate stairs every time that rascal needs to potty (which for young pups can be just about every hour).

Setting aside a particular place for potty usage in your home is important and should be separate from eating and sleeping areas. A crate will be helpful for the first few months of training, teaching them the difference between the two areas. Choose an area where you can clean up any tracking, such as a bathroom or laundry room that have linoleum or hard flooring.

With their potty area separated from other areas, it’s time to teach them to use it. Using a command phrase or word, such as “potty time!” helps them associate using their potty with your approval. This is helpful all around, and helps prevent them from thinking it’s okay to use your carpet instead.

Timing is going to be everything. Regularly let your pup have access to their potty, such as right after eating or playtime you will need to take them to the area and let them stay there until they do their business. Keep an eye on your pup, especially during the first few months. Watch for sniffing, circling, and squatting so that you can prevent them from accidents before it happens. Prevention is the best way to train any pup, rather than wait for them to do the deed and punish once it’s done.

Just in case of accident, you’ll need to keep odor eaters handy. If and when you discover accidents, even if they’re just outside of their potty area, clean them up quickly to prevent future mistakes. Remember to be patient with your pup as it will take time to get them adjusted to their new home, no matter where it is.

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