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There are several different potty training tools currently available on the market. While different companies approach the need to provide this helpful service in a number of ways, many owners are left wondering what tool would work best for their particular situation.

Potty pads for dog loversFor many new owners, the potty pad has become a handy device that is readily available at just about any store, but is unfortunately costly in the long run. This is usually due to the fact that they’re disposable and definitely need to be thrown out once used.

PoochPads took a slightly different approach to their design. Their pad is reusable and is reported to last as long as hundreds of disposable pads. This pad is definitely a good solution to high costs and offers a convenient twist in design.

The Poochpad is able to absorb four times its weight, which is possibly due to the fact that the material is composed of hospital-grade composition to gain a slight technological advantage compared to previous potty pad materials.

While a relatively quality device for the early stages of puppy life and even for senior dogs, potty pads can often be misleading. When training your dog to go in a designated site, such as outdoors or in a litter box, the placement of dog pads might be confusing to a dog if it’s being used as a separate location.

Another problem is that due to the material’s texture and composition, a dog or even a person can perceive a pad as something similar to carpet. This can not only lead to mistaken identity, but in certain situations, a dog or even a person can track urine and feces around the house by stepping on or around a puppy pad. There is always the issue that a dog might think it’s a toy. Young puppies are renowned for their curiosity, and puppy pads make for a great target that they can tear up or run around with.

While most disposable pads can be costly, using a pad like PoochPad in conjunction with a litter box or grass litter box device to aid in absorption and help simplify cleanup can prove to be somewhat advantageous. While it does cost more, it is possible to increase the capacity of a grass litter box and help contain any urine smells.

For the most part, puppy pad technology is often just a tool used to limit the threat of accidents, but fails to really help train a dog if used all on its own. Combined with practical techniques and a non-contradicted approach, you can help your dog get a feel for the potty training method.

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