Peeing When They’re So Surprised

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Boo! Piddle. Oops, the dog just peed on the carpet again!

Is your dog easily surprised? Many dogs, especially younger puppies, don’t have complete control over their bladders. So when they get surprised, scared, and maybe even a little too excited they can end up peeing where they stand (which coincidentally happens to be on the carpet!).

How do you address this particular issue? Basically, this is a nervous reaction that your dog has. It is actually, despite what you might think, a sign of respect to show that you’re the one in charge. Peeing when you surprise them is a sign of submission on their part, which is important to remember if you’re going to properly address the situation.

How to handle ‘surprise pee’

First of all, there’s no need to intimidate them any further. If they are easily surprised, refrain from performing the activity that caused them to pee. Additionally, you shouldn’t get mad at them when this occurs, since it will only make things worse. If you constantly approach them in an intimidating manner, they will continue to pee and not understand why it only makes you angrier.

Of course, you shouldn’t coddle them either. This is a habit you want to break them off of, not enforce it. When they pee after a surprise, clean it up properly and ignore them. It is often best to remove them from the room and place them in a secure area where they feel safe, such as their crate. This shouldn’t be done in a manner of punishment, rather it is an effort to make them feel more secure about themselves and feel safe.

For the most part, this sign of submission is because they aren’t socializing properly. They constantly feel insecure around new people, situations, and new dogs. This means that it’s your goal to get them properly socialized by interacting with other people and dogs on a regular basis. Do you have friends with dogs? Is there a mutual area where they can play and familiarize (to avoid any territorial aggression)? Allow your dog to become familiar with other people, especially those that visit your home frequently and make sure they know how to act around other dogs (another dog barking at them can cause a similar reaction).

Build their confidence

Building their confidence is another integral part of their development. As their owner and protector, it is your task to develop self-assurance through training and tricks. Playtime does a lot more than just use up their energy- it is them practicing how to enjoy life. Get them active and enjoying life and they will be a lot less surprised and a little more excited the next time someone approaches them and wants to play.

It’s likely that every owner will notice a few “accidental” spots on their floor during the dog’s early weeks. This might be because they are showing submission or maybe they’re just a little too excited to see you. Every owner should realize that accidents will happen and that we need to work with our dog companions to help them overcome these habits, not punish them for it. Take care of your dog and help them feel safe and secure in your home.

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