Paper Train Or Not Paper Train

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When your puppy first joins your household, you discover there is much training to be done. One of the most important things to teach is not to relieve themselves on your carpet. There are different preparation methods for potty training that are available, so pick one that is right for you.

photoPaper training is simple to use. Commonly it is for young pups that you do not want wandering around outside in the elements. This is a method by which you place newspaper or paper articles on an area that is previously soiled by your pup. There are incentive sprays that may help you choose where you want the pup to go. A young pup feels safe inside, and will consistently want to go to the same area when it is time. Giving praise when this is properly done will enforce the training. Potty pads are also available for this method. Pads are normally attractive to a pup and often makes cleanup easier. The only downside is the cost of these pads. This type of training can create a scenario in which your pup understands there is a special place to do their daily business.

The downside to paper training is that it does create an atmosphere in which you pup is accustomed to relieving themselves inside the house. It can prove difficult when shifting a doggy from inside to outside bathroom usage. You will have to take the time to slowly move the paper toilet or potty pad towards their new location. Then a new training will have to begin to get a pup accustomed to using the yard for their delivery session.

Grass litter boxes have become ever-more popular. The training is beneficial, and indoor or outdoor use is easy. You do not have to deal with the paper or puppy pad mess that needs to be changed more regular. Once your young pup is trained in the litter box, moving it around will not be as difficult because of the familiarity. Later on, shifting from a grass litter to the yard will not surprise a pup’s paws the same as paper to grass would.

There are different options for training your pup properly. The best way to do something is to only have to do it once. If you’re thinking of how to potty train your pup, just remember to consider what is going to be the easiest way for your pup to learn later on down the road.

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