Is the Pet Patio Potty Right for My Dog?

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We can’t always be there to let our dog out to potty, which is why there are so many different choices when it comes to indoor potty solutions. Dog grass litter boxes come in a range of different types that appeal to certain situations and needs of both owner and pets alike.

Choosing the right litter box for dog ownersAmong these is the Pet Patio Potty, designed by Doggy Solutions. This rather interesting approach has a range of different abilities and applications for your specific doggy needs.

To start with, this particular unit offers various different size options. There are applications for toy, small, medium, large, and very large, the biggest of which offers almost nine square feet of space. You can choose any size unit for any size dog you might have.

A low-profile design, it comes in two models, one which is composed of high-density polyurethane that would be great for an outdoor patio application and the other is tiger wood for a more indoor appeal. You can choose between style and durability for your basic construct, which tends to appeal to a broader audience.

Additionally, for dogs up to the large size, they offer an optional canopy (sorry, but the extra-large doesn’t offer any shade). For the males, they also offer side panels to prevent splatter, but they do cost a little more.

As for the cleanup, the unit actually utilizes litter to absorb any liquids. Rather than the more common basin-styled approach, the Pet Patio Potty incorporates two different types of cleanup abilities. Though effective, the cleanup process tends to be longer and more tedious. You’ll also have to purchase plastic liners and litter regularly which can prove to be un-economical.

The overall layout of the unit is quite unique. The potty comes in sections rather than covering one whole area. The larger potty units are more like several little potties compiled together, allowing you to clean up certain spots rather than the entire unit.

The prices are a little less economical. Starting at around two hundred dollars for the smaller sizes, the large size with all the amenities ends up being around eight hundred. But, when considering the craftsmanship and durability, you will get what you pay for.

The Pet Patio Potty is definitely a new and unique approach to indoor litter box technique. It may appeal to some while others favor a simpler and more economical approach. But in the end, it always comes down to what your dog needs for their potty solution.

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