How To Litter Box Train Your Dog

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Like the paper training method, canine litter box training restricts the problem of indoor elimination to a small area. But that is where the similarities end.

If you are like me, you do not have the luxury of taking your pup outside every two to three hours. So in order to maintain your home (and sanity), you need to come up with a solution to keep your pet from eliminating all over the place.

While the majority of dog owners train their puppies to eliminate on some old newspapers or special pads, I feel a litter box is a much cleaner and better option.

The benefits of using a litter box

photoCompared to paper training, litter box training presents several benefits, including:

* The issue of indoor elimination is confined to a much smaller area
* It is a lot easier to clean up
* Unlike newspapers or pee pads, a litter box will protect your floors
* Your house will smell cleaner as the litter within the box will mask the odor

While everything I have said up to now sounds pretty good, there is one thing to consider.

Litter box training, just like paper training, requires you to toilet train your puppy twice. First, you will have to teach him to eliminate in his litter box. Then, as he becomes used to it, you will have to teach him to eliminate outdoors and no longer in his litter box.

Understandably, your pup will become confused. In extreme cases, he may even go back to eliminating wherever he pleases in the house, thereby stretching the overall training period.

For this reason, it is best to use a canine litter box only when you need to leave your puppy alone for extended periods.

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