Housetraining When You Don’t Have Time

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Your new four-legged friend has joined company with you, but you don’t have much time to spend training the little rascal to behave properly in the house. It would not be kind to simply neglect the hopeful newcomer, or lock them in a cage all day and night. Your best choice is to find time where it may not appear to be.

photoSimple things like giving commands while you are doing your own activity. The best time is probably when you are doing yard work. Keeping them with you as you weed the yard and praising them when they properly relieve themselves will keep the gears in motion. It may seem out of the way, but taking your pup with you when you are working around the house can help. It keeps them close to you for observation, and yet keeps them within boundaries of your space. A convenient time to take your newcomer for a walk is when you are going to retrieve the mail. It is a short and simple task, yet it lets your canine companion get a breath of fresh air (and a chance to mark his spot). Giving them a piece of the junk mail that you may get and having them bring it back to the house with you, will teach them to retrieve items without destroying it.

While you are eating, it may be necessary to allow your dog to join you in company, but do not feed them, or allow begging. This will enforce to them that it is meal time for you, and that they have a specific place to eat. If you must, give them scraps after you have eaten, only in their food bowl. Doing this will not cost you any time, and your pup will learn to be well disciplined during meal time.

Crate training will assist you in preparing your pup for entry into your home. While you are out and about on errands, use of the crate will prevent your pup from getting loose in the house. Just remember not to neglect them. With your love and attention, your pup will mature and learn along with you.

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