Housetraining an Adult Dog

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Many people believe that it’s too late to potty train an adult dog that hasn’t been housebroken yet. But fortunately, that’s not the case. As adults, we humans are still able to learn new things, right? And while our learning capabilities diminish as we grow older, our canine friends are different. Fully grown dogs are in the same position intellectually as their younger counterparts.

photoIn fact, adult canines can learn and re-learn basic skills and even some tricks. A lot of owners find it easy to teach their older dog to sit, stay, fetch, and heel because they’re calmer than young pups. Housebreaking is a similar behavior. In other words, if you can teach your adult dog to sit, stay, etc. with no problems at all, then it is very likely that you’ll have the same positive experience during potty training. This connection is often overlooked, even by some professional dog trainers. Our canine friends are a lot smarter than we give them credit for!

But before you can successfully housetrain your pet, you will need to give him some confidence first. Instill a specific set of dog values in him and let him know how important he is to you. Show your pooch plenty of love and affection. Shower him with lots of physical attention. This tells him that you care about him. And with this newfound confidence, potty training your older dog can definitely be accomplished with a little bit of patience.

From this point forward, you will need to have a few tricks up your sleeve. Try to bribe your pooch with some food or his favorite treat. Lure him outside and show him the spot you want him to use as his bathroom. This is the part of toilet training an adult dog that takes more time and patience. You might have to wait for a while before your dog feels the urge to go, but if you can repeat the whole process enough times until it becomes a learned activity, then congratulations! You’ve succeeded in housebreaking your older dog.

Who said it couldn’t be done?

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