House Training when You’re the House Guest

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Many vacationers are going to be traveling this summer. Some may fly while others will be loading up their cars and headed down the road. For the most part, vacation gives people a chance to visit their family and friends who live long distances away, not only because they miss them but because it gives them a taste of something different for a change.

Dog owners and housebreaking this summerSo, what happens when the new addition to your family is going to be tagging along this summer? Housetraining may not be complete or they may not be familiar on how to act in someone else’s home. That means you’re going to have to prepare yourself and your dog for appropriate guest behavior during your upcoming stay.

When staying in a new location, it’s crucial that you know the difference between marking and potty accidents or mistakes. A young dog in a new location may feel naturally inclined to claim their territory. If your dog isn’t fixed, keep in mind that they may just be marking territory. It may be necessary to limit available space and freedom when you aren’t there to watch them.

Understand if your host also has their own pets, there may be target spots in the home that have previously been soiled. This can drive your dog to potty in areas where they detect a hint of a scent, even if it is an old residue.

Remember that certain ammonia based cleaners can be an attractant to a young dog, which may result in accidents within your host’s home. Always carry enzyme based cleaners along with you, just in case there is an accident. It’s important to not only protect your host’s home and articles, but also prevent any unnecessary accidents from happening by properly cleaning any mistakes.

You should also consider using a familiar potty location, such as a grass litter box. This familiarity will help provide the ideal location for a traveling dog to continue potty training. It’s the best solution, especially if you have to limited available space for your dog to have access to when they need to take care of business.

Whether you’re staying for a few days or an extended period, it’s important to remember that both you and your dog are guests at a loved one’s place this summer. So, it’s up to you as your dog’s owner and loving trainer to ensure that they are on their best behavior.

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