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Ever walked in your front/back door and got assailed with the strong smell of dog urine that it made you gag? If you are a pet owner, chances are you would have already encountered this scenario especially if you have puppies that haven’t been trained yet. Dog urine is a common occurrence in a household which has dogs or any other pet for that matter.

This may not bode well for your social life because it would be too embarrassing for you to invite your friends over when the smell of dog urine is so overpowering. Don’t fret or panic! This dilemma is easily solvable with a few tricks up your sleeve.

Don’t Delay. Once you’ve spotted your dog peeing on your floor or carpet and anywhere else inside your house, don’t delay in getting to it right away. Chances are, the faster you get it cleaned up, the lesser it will smell. First thing you should do is to soak any of the urine that you can with paper towels or a cloth rag which you can rinse off later. If you delay in cleaning it, the possibility of the smell sticking to your floor or carpet is greater.

Train Young. It is important to start educating or housebreaking your dogs when they are still puppies. This is the best time for it. Be very observant of their behaviors. After eating or sleeping, make sure that you put the puppies out so they can do their business outdoors. This will save you a lot of smell-ache later in the future. You can also give some scolding to your puppies when you find that they urinated inside your house but just remember that about 10-15 minutes after you have scolded the pups, give them some pats on the head or a little playtime with you.

Bring Out Odor Removers. Pet stores now sell these commercial odor remover products that are really designed for pets. Use these commercial remedies to remove the smell of dog urine completely. Chances are that if the smell isn’t removed completely that your dog will go back to that same spot where he can still smell his urine. Choose products which are more household and earth friendly if you can find them.

photoClean ‘Em. If your dog has stained your carpet with his urine, it might be a good idea to give your carpet a good shampooing and brushing. Hit 2 birds with 1 stone. Get your dog urine smell out and get your carpet cleaned at the same time.

The one thing that you have to remember here is that the most important step you can do is to train your dog really well to poo and pee where they are supposed to do these things. The better you train them, the less likely it will be that your house will end up smelling like dog urine. If you are averse to using commercially manufactured products, you can always try out home remedies which are easily available online or you can even ask your friends about their own home remedies.

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