Dog Bladder Problems

Some of the more usual dilemmas that pet owners encounter are dog bladder problems. This is usually a cause of concern and anxiety for many pet owners and lovers.

The very first thing you will need to do once you observe that your dog/puppy might be having bladder issues is to immediately consult your veterinarian so you can rule out any possibility of the bladder problem as a symptom of a medical problem like bladder stones, UTI, urinary incontinence or even bladder cancer which can lead to your dog’s demise if not treated right away.

Here are some of the more common dog bladder problems usually encountered:

Excited Puppies

Puppies are very excitable and tend to miss their owners a lot most of the time. This involuntary urinating usually happens when the puppy’s owner goes out for a while and when they return, the pup urinates in a frenzy of excitement when it sees its owner. Be patient of the puppy, it may just outgrow this behavior or you may find a way to control it. Don’t scold your puppy for this as it is still learning to adjust.

Aging Dogs

Dogs get old and this might be a reason for the dog bladder issues you might be having with an old dog. Again, be very understanding and patient of your pet. At this point in his life, he will need your love and care. What you can do, is to take your old dog to your vet so you will already know if his bladder problems have something to do with his age or if he has some medical conditions that can still be addressed with treatment.

Abused Canines

Dogs that have been subject to animal abuse might urinate involuntarily when faced with certain situations in his every day routine. Be sure to be really patient and be gentle with these dogs and soon they will get over their “fears” and become faithful companions.

Whatever the reason for the bladder problems your dogs are encountering, due diligence is really needed on your part as the pet owner so you can spot these problems on and help your dog live a longer and healthier life.

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