Busy Dog Owners and Housebreaking

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Your pup has gotten a little older, and you begin to fear the old saying- you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Don’t worry, it is not impossible but it is a little harder. Spending time with them is always important, and training an older pup inside your home is going to take some starting over. You’ll have to clean the slate and start from the beginning.

photoYou start by leaving the pup with a friend for the afternoon as you clean the house. Use pet deodorizer on all the carpet and make sure that any soiled areas are free and clear of markings. When your pup gets home, you will not want them thinking that the house is still a place for them to pee or poop. This effect stops any inside problems related to relieving themselves in your house. Start by developing a schedule for eating, playtime and delivery time. When they successfully do their business, make sure that you praise them for doing a good job. If you catch them in the act of delivering inside their house, though it will be messy, pick them up and take them outside directly. This would basically be how you might train a fresh puppy, but it will prove easier than constantly trying to correct mistakes.

A pup that is used to jumping up on you or friends when you first enter the room can be a difficult but with a with the simple “sit” technique you can prevent the anxiety and hyper-activity. When your pup first tries to jump up on you, don’t pet or praise until they calm down. Use the “sit” command to associate the calmness and praise them only when they are calm. This will help them to understand that if they are calm, they will receive attention. This works well with young pups, but is still very effective on an older pup.

So if you didn’t spend the time to train your pup when you first got them, do not fret cause there is still hope for them. It will take a little more time and effort on your part. Remember that the time you spend with your pup will be rewarded with not only obedience but love.

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