A Review of The Potty Patch

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Shopping for your pup’s new grass litter box may seem easy at first, but there seems to be such a variety of different brands. Which one will you decide on? Which ones can deliver quality and actually deliver in general. Online shopping provides the danger of not always getting what you are buying. That’s why there are the almighty “reviews” and “comments.” While shopping, always remember to click on these to get the input of others that have already purchased the product before.

Where is it?

photoThe worst thing that can happen is that you don’t even get what you bought. You’re out of money, out of time, and nothing to show for it. The Potty Patch has received many remarks as to their failure to deliver. When the company is contacted about missing delivery, they often inform the customer that the order was never taken, or was lost in the system. This wouldn’t be terrible, except that the company has a “no refund” policy and refuse to compensate for failed deliveries.

Who made this mess?

Those who do actually receive their product are seldom satisfied. Most owners complain about the “flimsy”  materials used to make the product. Because the device is designed to be “easily” disassembled, it is very often easily disassembled- except not when you want it to. A large pooch hops on and delivers their own package- but unfortunately the device falls apart under their weight and drops their delivery right back onto the floor. Perhaps if the material was a little more robust, or the design was tougher, the device would function properly.

Why there?

Something odd about the Potty Patch is its very attractive scent that is designed to make your pup want to potty there. Unfortunately, the result is that owners often discover their pup sleeping on the potty instead of using it as a toilet. This is not something every owner experiences, but it happens often enough for there to be a few remarks about it.

If you are on the market for a grass litter box for your pup, you need to remember to investigate the products thoroughly. Ask around, friends and online searches will help you make the right decisions. Remember that not all brands produce their product with the same quality. Investigate and invest wisely, for both you and your pup.

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