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Navigating your way up or down the stairs right before bed isn’t only annoying, it can also be dangerous. Many dog owners are faced with a late night precautionary trip to allow their dog the chance to take care of business before bedtime. When you live in an upstairs apartment or condo, this can really become a challenge, especially for senior dogs and senior owners alike.

Besides safety issues, such as rain which can result in wet and slippery stairs, there is also the concern of a dark or under lit stairwell, forcing you to juggle a flashlight (or smart phone with the “light” app on) and your dog’s leash. You also run the risk of your dog pulling you down the stairs. An eager dog may not be thinking about their owner attached to the other end of his leash, which can result in a needless accident.

One of the first steps you can take is to avoid late night feeding. Dogs have a routine schedule they like to keep. Commonly, an hour after eating would result in the need to potty. To avoid this, the latest feeding time should be no more than two hours prior to bedtime, so you can avoid before bedtime walks.

If you do have to go out, be sure to wear quality foot ware, such as tennis shoes that have good traction on both wet and dry ground. Try to avoid flip-flops or house shoes, since they can cause tripping or can slip in a wet environment.

You may also consider investing in a grass litter box. These handy devices will not only prevent you from unnecessary late night potty trips down the stairs, but will also offer your dog the convenience of potty time whenever they need it. This can be especially beneficial for the senior dog or younger puppy that may have to frequently potty during the night.

It’s important for every dog owner not only to think of the safety of their pets, but of their own safety as well. Take the time to take some precautions and make both you and your dog’s life a little more convenient and hazard free.

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