Your Mobility and Your Dog

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Your pup scratches at the door to be let out, but unfortunately for you, getting to the door isn’t the easiest task in the world. So what happens when it’s time to walk your pup? Whether you are elderly or immobilized, the daily task of walking your pup can often be difficult. Since it is not only their source of exercise, but also is their chance to potty, a daily walk is indeed important to keep your pup happy and healthy.

Daily walks

photoIf you are immobile, it may prove very difficult to be able to walk your pup. There are wheel chairs and scooters available to assist and can help you take your pup around the neighborhood a couple of times.

Something else to consider is that there are companies available to help you with this task. It may not share the same experience as walking your canine companion yourself, but it will get your pup their necessary exercise and potty time.


Meal time can sometimes prove to be a little more challenging than it sounds. Consider getting an extendable gripper or claw to help you get hold of a food or water bowl on the ground. It will also help you get food down from a cabinet. So what can you do if your pup eats dry food? Those big hefty bags can be difficult to manage if you already have trouble getting around. Consider keeping the bag in a low cabinet (so your pup can’t get at it when you aren’t looking) and using a cup to scoop some food out instead of moving the bag every time.

Potty time

Something else you may consider for a pup is the increasingly popular grass litter box. There are many different brands on the market, so you will want to investigate thoroughly. These new devices are an excellent service to the immobile. Though a daily walk is still encouraged, the ability to constantly get up whenever your pup scratches at the door so they can go do their business is a constant chore throughout the day. A grass litter box will allow your pup to potty at their own convenience. Most of the litter boxes have low maintenance requirements and are easy to assemble.

Remember, you can always ask your friendly neighbor for help, too.

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