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As the need to adapt to different living situations becomes increasingly important to owners and their dogs, the need to provide adequate potty methods has become a demand that many companies and individuals work to satisfy. Needless to say, eliminating in the yard is no longer an option you have to choose.

housebreaking for every dog loverThere are many different brands, but two basic types of litter box. One uses grass products while the other uses litter. Litter training your dog isn’t as easy as telling them to potty in a certain place, especially since a dog doesn’t really feel instinctive about using a litter box. Because of this, you have to work with them and teach them that this is the place to go.

The first step to litter training is choosing a box that will comfortably accommodate your dog. You’ll want to choose one that offers plenty of space to enter and turn around in, especially since dogs like to circle and sniff before they go. Some litter boxes have tops, but aren’t very appealing to your dog’s need for a little fresh air.

The next thing you’ll want to do is work on providing incentives to your dog to use the potty. Potty pads and newspaper sprayed with an incentive spray works well to start the process. After they’ve begun using it, you can add the litter. Another choice is to use grass sod to start with, since it is naturally appealing, and then moving on to litter at a later time.

Litter choices are various, and there are some designed with dogs specifically in mind. It is possible to use cat litters as well, which are normally far less expensive. But, also keep in mind that litter contains a powerful absorbent compound, especially concentrated in the litters that clump together. If your dog consumes large amounts of litter, you’ll want to stop using it immediately, since it can cause anything from upset stomach to dehydration and intestinal trauma. As a solution, you can substitute litter with newspapers, potty pads, or even chippings that will work to absorb both smell and liquid.

Teaching your dog to use a litter box is a growing trend, especially for those living in multi-story apartment buildings in big cities. It’s not always safe or convenient to find a grassy spot in the middle of town in the middle of the night. With the right tools and a few techniques, you can set your dog up with some convenient indoor plumbing that will save you time and probably be a little easier on their paws.

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