Your Dog’s Digestion

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Have you ever stopped to wonder why dogs eat grass? Sometimes they nibble a little, and sometimes they try to gulp it down. And sometimes, they throw it back up. There is a large variety of conditions and theories regarding dogs and grass, but most of them circulate around your dog’s digestive system.

One of the first things any dog owner notices is that grass seems to be irresistible, especially when your dog already shows signs of an upset belly. When eaten in large quantities, it can tickle the esophagus and throat, forcing them to throw up. Many times, this can be a good sign, especially if they’ve managed to eat something toxic or that has gone bad (for example something they found looting the trash can).

Grass doesn’t always cause a dog to throw up, however. Sometimes they may just munch on a small patch, chewing the pieces before ingesting them. Naturally, grass contains a portion of the enzymes that dogs need for proper bodily functions. Long before civilization, dogs ran wild through the forests and jungles, feasting on smaller animals, fruits, vegetables, and even grassy substances in order to achieve a balanced diet. Eating grass may simply be an instinctive need to acquire needed nutrients that their present diet may not contain. If you find that your dog is trying to turn your yard into a meal, they may be searching for some extra enzymes their present diet isn’t achieving. Supplemental vitamins and enzyme based foods, such as yogurt, can help ensure that your dog gets the most out of their diet.

Dogs also eat grass to help their digestive system. Ask yourself why people eat a salad. The foliage helps clean and maintain the digestive system. Grass helps dogs in the same way. They may feel constipated or bloated especially after eating a rawhide bone,so, they eat some grass to help revitalize their intestines.

You can also take into account that dogs aren’t picky eaters. While the common house-hold vacuum does a good job of picking up loose crumbs, dogs are the experts at finding and quickly consuming just about anything they can get a hold of. It may all come down to the simple fact that dogs like the way grass tastes.

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