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As dogs get older, signs of aging become apparent as their habits and attitude begin to change. Many dogs suffer from arthritis, and some may even get a few gray hairs around their nose and eyes. These tell-tell signs of aging give your dog a few human characteristics that even we experience as we age.

One of the most common problems is the potty situation. Senior dogs need to potty more often and usually after naps or during the night hours. This means that you’ll need to let them have access to a potty during the night and be able to provide them with the opportunity to potty or you may end up with a mess to clean up. And making the situation more difficult, senior dogs are more susceptible to dehydration and require more water more often. You do need to keep your dog hydrated, but keep in mind that this will impact their need to potty more often. If your dog drinks before bedtime, let them potty before you both go to sleep.

There are certain potty related issues which arise that can be difficult for both you and your dog to deal with. As a dog ages, many of them will begin to lose bladder control and will commonly wet the bed or randomly potty in the house. These accidents can even be mistaken for marking or something they’ve done on purpose. This is not the case, and accidents shouldn’t be punished. Many senior dogs aren’t even aware that it’s happening and won’t understand your anger or frustration. If your dog begins to show these characteristics, check with the vet to confirm the problem and help you with a solution.

One of the many solutions to providing a place for senior dogs to relieve themselves is the grass litter boxes. Your dog may still want to go outside, but an inside potty during the course of the night will help them and make it easier on you. You can also take precautions by placing potty pads under their bedding to help soak any late-night accidents.

As your dog ages, comfort for them is important. By taking and tending to their aging needs, you can ensure that your dog continues to enjoy their senior years in a happy home.

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