Woof, Woof, Bang, Bang

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It’s a proud American tradition. First some grilling, then some fireworks and finally fishing your scared dog out from under the bed. Loud noises are often frightening to our canine companions, but not for the reason you’d think. While it’s true they have better hearing than we’ll ever have, scary noises that cause dogs to shiver, destroy property, cling to you or soil themselves are scary because the sound is associated with something bad that happened to them in the past. Here’s what you can do to put your pooch at peace.


Give them A Safe Room

Chances are your dog takes off to a specific spot each time. Instead of forcing them out, make their safe spot as comfortable as possible. Put their toys and bed in their along with some water. Avoid crates, though, as dogs are known to hurt themselves trying to escape when spooked.


Play With Them

Get them to associate fun times with fireworks by playing catch or tug-of-war with their favorite toys. If, however, they do drop the playtime because the noise is too much, never force them to endure it. You’ll only cause long-lasting mental trauma.



Sadly, like people, certain scared pups resort to self-harm, making fireworks more dangerous than patriotic. For this, talk to your vet about medicating them during the festivities. Just be sure to only do this under the direst circumstances since medicating your dog is really the very last resort and only If they are a danger to themselves.

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