Which Is The Real Dog Litterbox?

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One of the many variations of dog indoor plumbing is the Doggy Litter Box that applies one of the most simple of strategies for dog litter boxes. This low profile, lightweight design features synthetic grass that is treated with incentive sprays to attract dogs. Unfortunately, the shallow design offers some of the poorer qualities amongst grass litter boxes.

Featuring almost no reservoir for storing liquids, the Doggy Litter Box recommends that you lay newspaper in the base to soak up the liquids and hold them. The grass mat sits directly on top of the newspaper which sits in the base, requiring daily maintenance in order to keep urine smells at bay. When it comes to maintenance, Porch Potty solves this problem with a quality reservoir and self-maintaining systems that require little work to keep your house smelling fresh.

Because of the shallow design, if maintenance is neglected, urine can accumulate and become more than a smell problem. Without proper storage, puppy paws can easily absorb and soak up old urine, thus leading to tracking around the potty unit. The problem of running across the grass litter box also presents the problem of splashing and tracking, especially with the low profile design that can be hard for a dog to distinguish as a special area for special business. The raised body of the Porch Potty allows for deep liquid storage and prevents dogs from haphazardly running across the potty when they’re in “play mode.”

For training purposes, the Porch Potty offers both synthetic and real grass to serve your dog with whatever they feel most comfortable with. This is because many young puppies enjoy the natural environment when they are first learning to distinguish certain areas that are okay to potty. Offering only synthetic grass, the Doggy Litter Box offers little versatility for owners to choose from, relying on chemical incentives to attract dogs.

The Doggy Litter Box offers only the most basic of requirements for grass litter boxes, providing a place for a dog to use in your home. For reasons of versatility and the ease for both owner and dog alike, the Porch Potty proves its value as the real dog litter box of choice.

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