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Busy and hectic schedules often leave us little time to spend at home with our dogs. We have to work, travel, and even cook for our families, reducing the amount of time we can spend for other things.

Potty training schedule when you're busy

A busy schedule often means that we don’t always have the time it takes to properly potty train our dogs. This process is a tedious one, often dependent on our ability to control our dog’s environment, prevent inappropriate behavior and enforce positive action. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the opportunity to follow our dogs around and solidify these kinds of quality potty habits.

So, it’s up to every dog owner to work with their dog, even when you’re not there. The first thing to consider is that a free-roaming dog will do whatever they want. So, you need to develop a learning platform by making them earn their right to roam freely in your home. Limiting space to certain areas is best, and crates are ideal for this situation, although they alone will not do the work of a caring owner.

Dogs have the natural instinct to resist using isolated areas, like their crate, because it is considered their den. Here, they sleep, play, and eat, meaning they won’t want to potty there. But if you leave them there too long, they’re going to do what comes naturally, which will eventually develop into a bad habit. You still have to manage offering a convenient potty area that they can have access to. Scheduling their mealtimes and potty times will give you a reasonable time frame in which you’ll need to be sure your dog will be able to gain access to a designated potty zone.

To help out with a busy schedule, grass litter boxes are ideal for a busy schedule. This will give your dog a safe location where they can take care of business, even when you’re stuck at the office. Keep in mind that a dog won’t want to potty near an eating or sleeping area, so it’s important to isolate a litter box in a separate area where your dog will be able to distinguish the difference.

Potty training your dog while juggling a hectic schedule is a talent on its own. With the fast paced workings of the business world, time is a luxury we seldom have. But, you can take steps that will ensure your dog is in an environment that is set up for success.

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