When Your New Job Keeps You At The Office

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Work is one of the many daily tasks that we face each day. We leave home to get to the office in order to take care of business. Unfortunately, while we’re taking care of business, our dog has to take care of business as well. While most dogs can hold their potty for significant amounts of time, it can be difficult and often regretful when we come home to a mess on the carpet.

This is why we often try to fit our dog’s potty needs into our schedule, but we can’t always depend on things working out the way we want them to. Overloaded work requirements, or the need to catch up on a project can keep us at the office longer than our dog allows us to. This not only puts stress on your dog, but on you as well. You may feel anxious about getting home to prevent any accidents, and your work will reflect it. This problem affects both dog and owner, but there is a solution.

Perhaps one of the greatest tools ever invented for this problem is the grass litter box. Units such as Porch Potty allow a dog to go whenever they need to. This prevents accidents and potential messes from becoming part and parcel of your schedule.

Another benefit is that you don’t have to stress about staying late at the office. With the knowledge that your dog won’t be struggling to hold their potty until you arrive, you can accomplish far more at work. Your mind is clear, thus allowing you to focus primarily on your present tasks. This not only creates a better quality in your work, but also speeds up the process. You no longer have to leave work or utilize your lunch break to rush home to let your dog out.

Porch Potty is one of the best tools for dog owners who work away from home. With a large storage space, and plenty of room to use, the Porch Potty can take care of your dog’s business while you’re taking care of business elsewhere.

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