When Your Dog’s Sick

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From the moment you first get your dog, the process of potty training starts. And for many owners, the practice goes smoothly and uninterrupted. But, it’s not always as easily done. While our methods and practices will make a difference on how well your pup responds to their training, there are also exterior factors that will affect their development of potty training practices.

Potty training when your dog is sick

Perhaps the biggest hurdle would be confronting medical issues when potty training your dog. Keep in mind that there are several different levels and types of sicknesses that you and your dog might be facing.

Infections and diseases can drastically affect a dog’s habits. Worms may cause digestive problems as well. Such issues as diabetes can cause incontinence, resulting in accidents that aren’t your dog’s fault. Symptoms can often leave dogs listless and unenergetic. A sick dog may not be as eager to interact with you or even want to get up to go potty.

There is also the injured dog to consider. Whether your dog has fresh stitches from surgery like spade or neutering processes or perhaps even a broken leg, injuries can play a part in your dog’s mobility and ability to eliminate properly.

In situations where mobility and even frequent access are needed, indoor grass litter boxes can continue training by keeping a potty location readily available. Eliminating further chance of accidents and mishaps will enforce your dog’s ability to learn the difference between what is appropriate and unacceptable.

Most likely in a case where you’ve found yourself dealing with a sick dog, a trip to the vet is needed. Certain ailments may require special medications, which can have their own unique effect on your dog’s body. Antibiotics are renowned for their ability to eliminate bacteria in the body and will target important digestive bacteria needed in the intestines. This might result in constipation or diarrhea. Talk to your vet concerning what side effects to look for and what measures to take that will ensure you’re dog’s wellness.

Potty training your dog takes time and focused attention, but having to face an ailment at the same time can definitely complicate things. Be prepared for what differences in habit your dog will have and set them up in an environment designed for success.

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