When Your Dog Loses His Friend

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Many owners have multiple pets within their home. Pets keep the loneliness at bay and the happiness on our faces. Often, they even keep each other company, interacting in strange, silly, and entertaining ways. For many dog owners, having two dogs at the same time is a great way to keep dogs social and active. And while a pair of dogs work together to keep each other company, what happens when one loses the other?

Tips for dog owners on how to take care of their depressed dogThere are many causes that can lead to the loss of a pet, such as death, getting lost, or even stolen. But the result is that you are now leaving one dog of a pair all alone, which will affect their entire lifestyle and attitude. Honestly, it would be strange if a dog did not experience at least some of these experiences, so be ready to spot the changes that will follow.

Most commonly, dogs who have experience a loss will become lethargic. In some cases, they won’t eat as much, or stop eating in general. In a large number of cases, they become more vocal, such as howling or whining. Others may stop talking in general, though that is less likely. They may even become “clingy” when you’re around. Some begin to suffer from separation anxiety as a result. They were used to having company, but now they don’t know what to do while left alone. The reactions are astoundingly human, and the best approach is to do what you would with a person. It’s important to start by targeting these signs of depression and stress so you’ll understand how to handle the experience.

Handling grief and sorrow- the mourning process

Your priority as their owner and protector is that you don’t reinforce the behavior with treats to help make them feel better. Despite their depressive state, it’s important that you don’t reward the depressive activities. Instead, go with a different approach.

Get them active again and interact with them more frequently. Take them for regular walks and give them plenty of exercise, even if they “don’t feel like it.” Avoid allowing them to sulk alone because this can make the situation worse.

In general, the experience can be frightening for them. Most become stressed. Be cautious when considering adding another dog into the mix until your dog has adjusted to the loss. As they begin to get adjusted to the loss, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to introduce a second dog into the family again. Timing is important though, because if it is done too early, it can put a great deal of stress on your dog. Wait until they are back to their old habits and happily active again before you consider this.

In most cases, the loss of a partner dog affects you as well. It’s okay to feel sad for a while, but you and your dog still have each other. Be sure that you both appreciate that experience so that you can both continue to enjoy the best things in life- friends.

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