What You Need to Consider When Moving with your Dog

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Moving from one place to another usually comes with several challenges, and for dogs, the challenges could be greater. Consequently, whenever you are moving, you must consider the safety, comfort and wellbeing of your dog so that you can enjoy the best of time with your dog before, during and after moving.

To deal with the difficulties attached to moving with your dog, here are the things you need to put into consideration:

Before the moving day

·         Visit your vet

Once it is certain that you are moving, you should visit your vet to get medical assistance for your dog. Get recommendations from your vet on how to ensure that your dog gets the best experience while moving with you. While on the visit, you should also get the medical record of your dog from the vet so that you can present it to your new vet.

·         Take your dog out before moving

If you are moving by land and your dog has never traveled for a long distance, you should try traveling over some distances with her to see how she will react to traveling. Her reaction will give you a clue on how things will be when moving with her.

·         Understand the rules of traveling with pets

There are different traveling means with each having specific rules as regards moving with dogs. Resultantly, you must never overlook the need for you to understand whether you will be allowed to travel with your dog. Understanding the traveling rules will help you in scheduling your movement.

·         Pack your items over a long period of time

To prevent your dog from getting tensed, do not pack your items at once. When you pack your items gradually over a long period of time, your dog will feel everything is normal; hence, she will never become tensed, agitated or stressed over the possibility of moving.

·         Discuss with your moving company

If you are hiring the service of a moving company to move your items as well as your pet, discuss how the company will handle your dog. Understand their policy for moving a dog, so that you can be sure if it will be comfortable for your dog.

On and after the moving day

·         Travel with your dog

Unless you are not allowed to travel with your dog, you should keep her by your side all through the journey. Familiarity and proper care from you will ease the pressure and stress of traveling on her.

·         Set up the new place to accommodate your dog

From bedding to feeding, allocating playtime and acclimating to new environment, it is your duty to set up things to accommodate your dog properly. With proper setting up of a new place to accommodate your dog, acclimating will become very easy for her and this will reduce your challenges in moving with her.

·         Get a new vet

Once you have moved successfully, do not hesitate to find a new vet who will give medical help to your dog. Introduce your dog to the new vet and share her medical record.

·         Explore your new environment with your dog

Go out for a walk with your dog as you explore your new environment. However, you must restrict the movement of your dog by using a good leash which will ensure you are in total control of her movement. While exploring the new environment, introduce your dog to other pets and humans in the environment.

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