What to Look For in a Dog Litter Box

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When considering a grass litter box for your pooch, there are some important things to remember. You’ll have to take factors such as your home and the characteristics of your beloved pup. Big or small, little space or just something convenient- whatever you need, there is the right litter box for you.

Size matters

photoPups come in all sorts and sizes, and so do litter boxes. If you have a small pup, look for something that is close to their size with enough room to move around on so they don’t have to potty in the exact same spot every time. There are bigger grass litter boxes that can match your pup pound for pound, allowing enough room for that rascal to get the business done.

Real or synthetic

Also consider the options you have. Grass litter boxes have two different types of material they use- real grass or synthetic. The real stuff can be good, but there is always the need to replace it on occasion, whereas the synthetic material are easily washed and reused. Companies like Porch Potty make their litter boxes with both styles so that you can choose the right one for you.

Next consider where you are going to put it. The location you choose can make a difference in your choice of litter box. If it’s inside, you’ll want something that can withstand the summer sun and weather. If it’s inside, you want something that isn’t going be easily movable and won’t take up much space. Then consider how often you will use it (or rather, your pup will use it). It may be more of matter of convenience to your pup during the day, or it may be the only way your pup is going to be able to potty, especially if you have trouble with mobility. If you’re relying on the litter  box to do the job of the great outdoors, you’ll want to make sure that the unit is ready to handle constant use with plenty of room to potty in different areas.

How it looks also makes a difference. You don’t want something that is going to look like a mess while it’s sitting on your porch or in a laundry room. Quality can definitely make the difference here, so pick the one that is going to be right for your home and your pup.

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