What Does Orange Dog Poop Mean?

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Have you ever looked down at your pup’s droppings and said to yourself “Wow, that’s an odd color.” Your pup’s poop can come in a variety of colors, each with their own story to tell you. As a pup owner, studying your pup’s poop is important to ensure that they remain healthy. So when you discover that your pup has pooped the color orange, you have to ask “what does it mean?”

photoYour pup’s poop is naturally darker on the outside and light on the inside. A healthy pup’s droppings will normally be a tan or brown color when they first unload. So if you notice that your pup has left a few orange droppings behind them, there are two possibilities to consider.

Is it something he ate?

Often times orange poop will be the outcome of certain things they ate. A change in diet or new treats can affect the tone of their droppings. Usually if the color shows up once and then disappears, it is likely that your pup’s diet has changed, or perhaps even a neighbor has slipped them a treat.

Health issues

If your pup’s droppings are dark orange or continuously orange in color, this may be signs of intestinal problems. Some infections can cause internal bleeding, and though most times a pup’s poop will be black or extreme brown when this happens, bleeding in the lower intestines can lead to fresh blood in the stool, giving it an orange color. Along with infections, parasites such as worms can also damage your pup’s digestive track. If you suspect that this is a problem, take your pup to the vet immediately.

Remember to always keep track of your pup’s poop, whether on walks, in the yard or in their litter box. Droppings come in all different sizes and consistencies, so those must also be factored into your analysis. You don’t want to jump to conclusions, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

So next time you take your pup out for their daily walk, stop and check out their droppings, (you should pick it up to be polite to your neighbor too) and make sure that your pup’s health is in tip-top shape.

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