What do I do if I Think There’s a Problem

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There are several problems which can cause urinary issues in dogs. Some of them may result in frequent or uncontrolled urination, while others can prevent urination or cause it to become erratic. As your dog’s owner and caretaker, it is up to you to know what to do if you think there might be a problem.

So, what should you do if you think there is a problem? Your first step is to know what you’re looking for. Urinary tract infection can be difficult to diagnose, but they are often associated with diabetes or previous urinary issues. Foul smelling urine containing traces of blood are most common for this type of problem. Kidney stones can also cause similar problems. Your dog may show signs of discomfort or inability to urinate in general.

Plenty of fresh water, along with a trip to the vet is a must. Antibiotics will help cure urinary infections, especially since they can be caused when kidney stones cut or damage the urinary tract or urethra.
Other issues can have a slightly different effect on your dog. Urinary incontinence is prominent amongst older dogs, and can often be mistaken for accidents. What happens is that the sphincter muscle weakens, allowing for urine to pass through uncontrollably. Look for wet spots on their hind quarters, where they’ve been sitting or sleeping. They can even urinate while they’re walking. Kidney disease is another problem that can be far more severe. Signs of this condition are commonly over-consumption of water, frequent urination, and poor coat condition, regardless of care.

The best thing you can do is feed your dog a quality diet. Because the urinary system is going to be sensitive, be sure to provide plenty of clean water, preferably distilled, to prevent any excess minerals that can be present in tap water. Also, consider a grass litter box to provide an easy-access location where the dog can potty at their convenience. Comfort and well-being start at home, and these conditions can help prevent future medical problems.

If you think your dog is having urinary problems, be sure that you contact your vet for a proper diagnosis. Urinary infections, kidney stones and disease, and even incontinence can be treated medically, allowing your dog to enjoy the quality of life they well-deserve.

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