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Being a traveling nurse, I see a lot of different apartments and corporate houses. Some of them can be a little small, but it always seems to be enough room for me and my Sue. She’s my little traveling companion, and being a Shih Tzu, she doesn’t take up much space at all. So wherever my business takes me, she happily tags along.

photoBecause I can’t take her into the clinic with me, Sue has to stay at the apartment during the nights. Since I can’t be there to let her out during those hours, I went ahead and invested in a Porch Potty so that she doesn’t have a bursting bladder by the time I get home from my shift. She is well housetrained, and actually didn’t like the idea of doing her business inside the room at first. After a bit of finessing, she began using it rather than waiting for me to let her out. We still go on our daily walks before I head off to work, so she can sniff the sights and I can get  a breath of fresh air (without the smell of a doctor’s office surrounding me!).

As it turned out, getting out and getting hold of that fresh air actually let me notice something. Spending a lot of time inside, you don’t realize the difference, but the potty actually has a bit of smell to it after a while. I guess that would be normal, but I looked online to see what to do with the smell.

It turns out, the Porch Potty actually has something to specifically address the smell and get rid of it. At first, I was a little worried that it might discern Sue from wanting to potty there, and she’d end up holding it until her little bladder burst. Turftastic said it was specifically designed to avoid this problem, so I gave it a try, and it worked. The smell was gone, and I always get my pet deposit back now.

Now when I have to pack my Porch Potty up, it won’t smell too funny and stink up the car while Sue and I are out on the road.

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